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Whether it’s copper or fiber, the Emergent Wireless Solutions Engineering and Infrastructure Solutions team is prepared for handling the most challenging projects. Our clients include some of the biggest names in telecommunications, for whom we have worked on numerous projects across much of the United States. Depending on the needs of our clients, Emergent Wireless Solutions has the expertise for lifecycle design-build project management and execution. Our capabilities include backbone and lateral, whether the need is for aerial or underground. We also support projects for Multi-Dwelling and Multi- Tenant (MDU/MTU), with the ability to layer wireless services across the structured cabling.


Emergent Wireless Solutions is intimately familiar with the challenges presented by the Connect America Funded (CAF) projects taking place across the Country. We supported several of the largest first phase CAF programs and through our extensive experience we’ve been able to refine our processes and continue into the next phase. Our personnel are well versed in the nuance of CAF work and our capabilities allow us to execute the most challenging projects in any market. Emergent Wireless Solutions has experience across the major equipment vendors and can support your design-build needs.


Emergent Wireless Solutions can support your vectoring needs with experience and expertise. Our team works with our client base to improve and upgrade networks to reduce signal interference and improve DSL speeds. From field surveys to assess existing conditions, to OSP & ISP engineering and installation services, our teams can work within a client’s records and databases to develop and implement an end-to-end solution. The Emergent Wireless Solutions team will ensure quality control and compliance with all local municipal requirements.


Given the ongoing and increased demand for high speed internet, Emergent Wireless Solutions has seen a dramatic increase in requests from our client base for fiber related services. We have made several strategic moves insofar as our capabilities, by acquiring broader expertise in the area of Fiber to the Premises. Whether the need is for fiber to the home, to the building, or to the cell site, our in-house experts understand the complexity of each project and can deliver excellence in quality and workmanship. Our engineers are skilled in all aspects of design, while our construction and technical experts are diligent in all aspects of civil work and technical installations, including splicing copper and fiber.


Emergent Wireless Solutions currently works for most of the ISPs, MSOs and wireless services providers. We work in aerial and underground fiber construction to support national and regional projects. We have our own equipment and in-house civil and technical expertise to support projects in nearly every market throughout the Country.


Real Estate Development, Property Management and Technology is converging at an unprecedented pace. Tenants and Owners alike are demanding greater options for their properties meaning access to high speed internet and wireless solutions being a must not an option. Emergent Wireless Solutions understands this growing need and has leveraged our relationships in the Real Estate community to pave the way for upgrading existing buildings, while working with others in the planning phase prior to construction.