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Emergent Wireless Solutions started its business in the world of Macro Wireless networks during the earliest stages of large scale build-out for network coverage, and saw growth while upgrading existing networks to accommodate the rapid subscriber growth the Industry experience throughout the past twenty years. Emergent Wireless Solutions is a recognized expert in the planning and deployment of network assets to support the ongoing evolution of wireless.


Emergent Wireless Solutions is leading the pack in developing new methodologies for the design and deployment of Small Cells. In leveraging our OSP design experience, we have refined the front end Site Acquisition and Site Selection methodology to be more effective by incorporating elements of traditional wireless protocol. The benefits derived from our approach is realized through the process our OSP team has honed with:

  • Utility pole projects which incorporate desktop asset analysis
  • Field verification
  • Joint Pole Attachment negotiations
  • Pole Transfer Engineering and Coordination
  • Pole Extensions & Easements
  • Permitting and Jurisdictional outreach

This process, combined with our RF engineering alignment, allows us to select sites where there is a high level of confidence for deployment.



Cell phone networks are now all about capacity where in the past they were all about coverage. The time Americans spent on the cell phones grew by 394% from just 2010 to 2014. Consumer demands for coverage and data capacity and buildings built of steel, concrete and low-e glass have meant that existing macro networks are overtaxed.

New capacity solutions are necessary and Distributed Antenna Systems(DAS) are port of the solution and are becoming critical for:

  • Large commercial real estate
  • Sporting venues
  • Large scale facilities

Wi-fi routes traffic directly onto the internet and today’s consumers expect businesses to provide it with many businesses not meeting this demand. By 2019 two-thirds of internet traffic is expected to be wireless with more capacity needed to meet peak demand. Part of a mix of of short-range wireless solutions including DAS and small cells, wi-fi will be vital by offloading traffic from cellular networks.

We have extensive experience in major wi-fi projects.

We offer end to end services including:

  • Extensive coverage analysis
  • Wi-fi design
  • Bench testing
  • Full in-house fiber installation, testing, connectorizing
    and splicing
  • Licensed electrical installation
  • Wi-fi systems installation
  • Site optimization and troubleshooting
  • Maintenance services
  • Final coverage survey and analysis
  • Repair, storm support, and disaster recovery


With private networks, utilities maintain control over traffic and always ensure enough capacity for smart grid communications. Plus, utilities can control access to the network so there’s an inherent level of security within the grid. And since the private network is privately owned and operated, there aren’t any monthly fees. Plus, with network availability, utilities are able to build extensive redundancy, backup power and additional sites, repair the system when needed and enjoy better remote coverage with longer-range access.

The advantages of a private network technology are:
»  Better control
»  Increased security
»  No monthly fees
»  More customizable
»  Proven technology
»  Network availability